Looking Inside

This feature focuses on our multidisciplinary team of vascular surgeons and vascular interventional radiologists that have over 100 combined years’ experience in comprehensive vascular care and are leaders in today’s cutting edge minimally invasive treatments.

In this month’s feature Dr. Nicholas Petruzzi, Director of the AMI Vascular Institute performs an angiogram on a diabetic patient who suffers from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). The angiogram uses x-rays to help find blocked or narrow areas in the arteries that supply blood to your legs. Once identified, these blockages are opened to restore blood flow.

What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide excellent care for all our patients.
  • “Chris made me feel comfortable throughout the test.”
  • “I was impressed with the extra effort the staff made to keep me safe”
  • “Everyone was very pleasant and helpful”
  • “Phyllis was excellent, just an all-around nice person”
  • “A sheer pleasure”
  • “We asked for our images on a CD and they had them ready the next day.”
  • “The waiting area is clean and again COVID prepared.”
  • “Very professional and safe with current COVID-19 requirements”
  • “I actually feel special during my visit”
  • “Patient needs come first”
  • “Excellent handling of the virus”
  • “The staff is brave and selfless”
  • “I felt very comfortable with the process”
  • “The staff was helpful and made me feel more comfortable about the testing”
  • “Above and Beyond”