CT Risks a Hot Topic on Social Media

A recent article on healthimaging.com discussed a trending topic that you might not expect to see on the popular social media site, Twitter. Radiation exposure and CT scans is a concern for patients and this translates to online forums, articles, and even "tweets".  

According to the article, researchers sorted through millions of daily tweets and narrowed it down to those linked with both "CT" and "radiation" to evaluate the opinions and information that was being shared related to radiation risks with CT scans. Out of the total posts being used in the study, 59% were unfavorable of CT scans, 10% were informative posts discussing strategies in reducing radiation, and only 3% of the posts were favorable of CT scans. Researchers concluded that the imbalance of opinion may be due to the users participating in the CT discussions on Twitter as well as the lack of radiologists engaging in these conversations.  They also stated that radiologists having a more active engagement in social networks could lead to a more balanced representation and lower concerns regarding radiation exposure.

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