What is a CT/CAT scan?

CT scanning, or “CAT” scan, stands for Computerized Tomography. The single slice, or single row, CT technology was the industry standard for nearly three decades. Over the past several years, multidetector CT has become state-of-the-art and has quickly leaped from four to eight to sixteen to sixty-four rows of detectors. With one breathhold, greater patient coverage is possible with thinner slices and higher spatial resolution, thereby giving us the ability to acquire higher quality images in significantly less time. This enhanced image quality and faster scanning has impacted every subspecialty in radiology. Its particular strengths include vascular imaging, coronary CTA, oncologic imaging, and whole-body imaging. At AMI we are committed to offering state-of-the-art technology to our patients.

SafeCT®, Now Available at Atlantic Medical Imaging
With up to 75% less radiation than standard CT Imaging.*

Atlantic Medical Imaging is the first radiology practice in the area to provide ultra low dose CT scanning at all of our outpatient facilities that provide CT services. With this new, highly advanced technology, we are able to reduced radiation doses by 50-75%* without compromising image quality.

You can be assured that your imaging will be done with the least possible radiation dose while still maintaining exceptionally high quality imaging.

When you or your loved one needs a CT scan, ask for the ultra low dose CT scan at AMI. It's one more reason why AMI is the region's leader in medical imaging.

Why is low dose CT important for patients?

Technological advances in modern medicine have resulted in patients having more diagnostic imaging procedures to help doctors detect and treat cancer, infections, bone and joint injuries, and other serious conditions. As the need for these diagnostic imaging procedures has risen, it has become increasingly important for physicians to be mindful of the radiation dose that patients are receiving.

At Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI), patients may now be assured that their imaging is performed with the least possible radiation while maintaining the highest quality imaging possible.

The best of both worlds…high quality imaging with up to 75% less radiation.

By using advanced, FDA-approved software on their CT scanners, AMI radiologists are now able to reduce radiation doses by 50-75 percent compared with conventional scanners on the market. This technology significantly reduces image noise, allowing lower radiation dose exposure settings without compromising image quality and diagnostic information.

Armed with this new technology, as well as other radiation dose limiting measures such as tailoring the scan protocol to match the patient’s size, using shields to protect sensitive organs, and implementing automatic radiation dose modulation techniques, AMI radiologists have been able to significantly reduce CT radiation dosages to its patients.

Putting patients’ needs first.

“AMI is one of the few outpatients imaging practices in the country that has this low dose CT technology,” according to Dr. David Levi, President and CEO of AMI. “This enables us to acquire high quality CT scans at ultra-low radiation dose levels and allows patients to relax and take advantage of the clinical benefits of CT while worrying less about radiation exposure.”


The ultra low dose CT scanners are available at eight AMI office locations in Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic and Cape May counties. For more information call (609) 677-XRAY (9729).


*Compared to conventional CT scanners. SafeCT® is a registered trademark of MedicVision Imaging Solutions.