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You Can Go to AMI Even If Your Script Doesn’t Say It

If your doctor hands you a script for an imaging exam, you have the right to choose your imaging provider just as you choose your personal physician. There are several great reasons to choose Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI) for your imaging exams.


At AMI, our top priority is ensuring that our patients get excellent care and have a positive experience. Our 12 locations offer convenient access to a full range of imaging services, and most of our facilities offer convenient evening and weekend appointments.


We know you and your doctor need a fast, accurate diagnosis and that takes using the most advanced medical imaging technology available and having the right physician reading your exam. At AMI, we have well-trained, motivated and innovative radiologists from the nation’s most respected training programs and universities. Our radiologists are board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists.

We utilize cutting-edge equipment and offer the most advanced imaging services and procedures available. Our skilled technologists and support staff are dedicated to providing you with unsurpassed service and care. Depending on the particular test and patient needs, we will tailor our imaging to suit your needs.

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From standard X-rays to the most complex procedures, our radiologists are board-certified and sub-specialty trained, meaning they each specialize in a different area, such as musculoskeletal (bone and joint), neurological (brain and spine), body (chest, abdomen, and pelvis), vascular and interventional radiology, nuclear radiology (PET and nuclear medicine), and breast.

Having a radiologist who specializes in your specific area of concern read your images helps to get accurate results to your doctor—and fast. We work in close consultation with your doctor to schedule and plan your exam.


Along with making an accurate diagnosis, ensuring patient safety is our top priority. We pay special attention to minimizing radiation exposure without giving up image quality.

Read more about our SafeCT Scans here.

For over 50 years, AMI has been providing the most advanced diagnostic imaging services, combined with compassionate care. Our 40 board-certified, sub-specialty trained radiologist and highly skilled staff remain committed to providing clinical excellence, unmatched technology, diagnostic imaging expertise, along with the most accurate and timely results. It’s that world-class experience that gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the most accurate reading when it matters most.

When you need imaging services, remember that you have the right to choose where to be scanned and who is reading your exam. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience for your next imaging exam and are always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Call us at (609) 677-XRAY (9729) or schedule an appointment online.

What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide excellent care for all our patients.
  • “Lydia Parish”

    Lydia Parish

  • “They are professional, caring and friendly.”

    Susan M.

  • “The staff were really great. Polite& helpful.”

    Lorraine S.

  • “Very nice facility, new and clean. The staff were amazing too.”

    Stephanie A.

  • “Radiologists here are excellent and detailed in their reports.”

    Kevin H.

  • “I Need This Crew! On Point Everytime!”

    Timothy Izer

  • “AMI was caring and kind through my procedure.”

    Angelina J

  • “I had arrived early to my appointment and was taken back right away. In and out the door even before my appointment time.”

    Tiara O.

  • “The reception was cordial; staff ready with my appointment record.”

    Helen E.

  • “Kelly is superb.”

    Linda W.

  • “They will answer any questions you have and will make you as comfortable as possible.”

    Patti R.

  • “The facility is extremely clean, I love the friendliness and the professionalism from the front desk all the way to the end of my visit.”

    Ellen P.

  • “Donna is not only a credit to herself but also to the organization she works for. Outstanding work.”

    Robert and Cathy P.

  • “I have had to get quite a few imaging tests in my 27 years of life and I am so pleased by the service I received today.”

    Rebecca S.

  • “It is very handicap accessible with a drop-off circle, large hospital-like automatic doors, and spacious waiting areas.”

    Jeffrey F.