Low Dose CT Lung Screening in New Jersey

The Safer Choice for Lung Cancer Screening

The thought of exposing yourself to radiation when your doctor is already concerned that you may have lung cancer can add more anxiety to an already stressful situation. CT scans do not use much radiation and should be safe, but less is always better. This is why the imaging practices at Atlantic Medical Imaging are equipped with low dose CT scanning technology.

Lung cancer is responsible for 1 out of every 3 cancer deaths and is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and women. While heavy smokers are at the greatest risk for the disease, 60% of lung cancer patients are individuals who never smoked or who quit decades ago. Only 16% of lung cancers are diagnosed at their earliest, most curable stages. If caught early, patients can increase their treatment options while improving their outcomes and survival rate.

Low dose lung cancer screening is available at all Atlantic Medical Imaging offices. Call (833) 823-6533 for an appointment. Physician referrals are required.

Am I a Candidate for Low Dose Lung Screening?

You need a referral from a healthcare provider before you can receive a low dose lung cancer screening at AMI. Generally, these screenings are recommended for patients between the ages of 55 and 80 who have smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years.

If you are wondering whether or not you should get screened, check out the ShouldIScreen website, which uses information you provide to give you a recommendation. If you believe screening is a good idea, talk with your healthcare provider about getting a referral.

The following pages can tell you more about lung cancer and screening:

You can also call us at (833) 823-6533 if you’d like to learn more about our low dose CT lung screening.

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