AMI Insider | December 2020

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What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide excellent care for all our patients.

  • “Professional, informative, sympathetic to the patient”
  • “I am so pleased with AMI”
  • “Very thorough with all the COVID-19 regulations”
  • “All of the appropriate protocols for safety during this time of pandemic were followed”
  • “Great staff, clean facility, and highly accommodating to your needs”
  • “Very pleasant staff and testing experience.”
  • “Beautiful facility and excellent COVID protocols”
  • “Well run and Kind people work there.”
  • “I felt completely at ease”
  • “Nice and polite tech”
  • “The staff here was very attentive from the minute I walked in”
  • “The experience was excellent.”
  • “Can't thank the team enough!!”
  • “Staff was very informative”
  • “Very pleased with the entire complex, very clean, offered social distancing.”