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3D Tomosynthesis

State-of-the-Art 3D Mammograms in New Jersey

A new service for mammography patients is now available at Atlantic Medical Imaging. 3D tomosynthesis offers improved visualization which can result in fewer callbacks and, thus, less anxiety for patients.

Talk to your doctor today to find out if 3D tomosynthesis is right for you. Click here to learn more about 3D tomosynthesis.

What is 3D tomosynthesis?

3D tomosynthesis was approved by the FDA in February 2011. It is a revolutionary technology that combines the advantages of digital mammography with a 3D image of the breasts. 3D tomosynthesis creates multiple images or "slices" of the breast tissue which allows our radiologists to see greater detail and helps reduce the impact of overlapping breast tissue. The process is performed at the same time as a normal mammogram, with no noticeable differences in the experience or exam time for the patient.

Is 3D tomosynthesis better that 2D digital mammography?

3D tomosynthesis is an optional service for patients, which supplements the conventional mammographic images. While 2D digital mammography remains the gold standard for early detection, 3D images can offer better visualization for our radiologists.

What are the benefits of 3D tomosynthesis?

  • Reduced Callbacks: 3D tomosynthesis allows radiologists to look at different layers of the breast tissue, helping to distinguish normal breast tissue from abnormal breast tissue. Information from these additional views is believed to lead to fewer callbacks and, therefore, less anxiety for women.
  • Better Visualization: Our radiologists can better determine the size, shape, and location of an abnormality with 3D tomosynthesis.
  • Improved Sensitivity: By minimizing the impact of overlapping breast tissue, 3D tomosynthesis may improve breast cancer screening and early detection.

What happens during a 3D tomosynthesis mammogram?

Your experience in having 3D tomosynthesis performed is nearly identical to undergoing a standard 2D digital mammogram. The scan takes less than 10 seconds for each view of the breast. The process will feel no different than a traditional mammogram.

Is 3D tomosynthesis safe?

We are performing both standard digital mammography and 3D tomosynthesis at the same time. Adding 3D tomosynthesis does involve additional radiation, compared with a standard 2D mammogram; however, no risk from an amount of radiation this small has ever been proven. The radiation dose for the combined 2D and 3D exam is under the FDA regulated limit for mammography.