Introducing Ambient MRI

Now Available at Our Glassboro, Sicklerville and Woolwich Office Locations

The Ambient MRI Experience revolutionizes the patient’s surroundings and enhances their overall examination experience. By incorporating dynamic lighting, customized wall projections, and soothing sounds, we strive to create a relaxed atmosphere during the imaging process, diverting patients’ attention from what is typically the most anxiety-inducing aspect of the exam.

What Does the Ambient Experience Entail?

The Ambient Experience seamlessly integrates room design, dynamic lighting, projections, and sound elements. Patients can choose from a variety of visually appealing themes, tailored to suit their specific preferences and age groups, ranging from children as young as 6 to adults. Using a user-friendly touch screen, patients have the opportunity to personalize their medical environment.

Why is the MRI Environment Significant?

Historically, diagnostic imaging environments have often failed to provide a welcoming and comfortable setting for patients. However, creating the right environment can empower, distract, calm, or relax patients, addressing each individual’s unique needs. In some cases, the Ambient MRI Experience has shown potential in reducing the need for rescans, as patients are more likely to remain still in the relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

How Does Ambient Experience Impact Scan Quality?

The elements of the Ambient MRI Experience, such as room design and ambiance, remain separate from the actual scanning equipment, ensuring no impact on the advanced scanning technology. However, the environment can greatly benefit the operators of the scanning equipment by fostering relaxation and productivity, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for patients and their family members. Furthermore, the calming nature of this experience can lead to more accurate images, as patient movement is minimized. As a result, a higher number of patients can obtain optimal images during their initial scan, without the need for additional imaging. The Ambient Experience streamlines the MRI process, offering both efficiency and the convenience you deserve.

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