From Fear to Resilience

Like a steadfast companion, AMI is here every step of the way, whether it's your first mammogram or your fifth. Our commitment to keeping you healthy and safe is unwavering.

Rosemary, as a patient who had just moved to our county and was new to AMI, felt a mix of nervousness and uncertainty when her gynecologist recommended a mammogram. She described her experience, saying, "When I went in for my first scan, my heart was beating fast. Afterwards, I went to my car and just cried my eyes out. The thought of the worst possible outcomes consumed me. It was incredibly scary to face the unknown, especially since a family member passed away from breast cancer. The state of my own breast health became a significant source of worry."

Due to the absence of prior mammograms, Rosemary was asked to return for additional scans. She expressed her anxiety during this waiting period, trying her best not to worry but finding that thoughts of the worst-case scenarios would creep up on her. She also admitted to conducting Google searches, which only heightened her apprehension, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional guidance rather than relying on internet information.

A few days later, Rosemary received her second set of results, and they came back normal. It felt like an immense weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She commended the AMI staff for their incredible kindness and care. Although she wished she had obtained the names of everyone at the Galloway office, her nervousness and stress prevented her from doing so.

Rosemary expressed her deep gratitude to all the wonderful ladies at AMI who provided her with such kindness and support. Their compassion made a significant difference during this stressful time.

"I wish I had gotten the names of everyone at the Galloway office, but I was too nervous and stressed at the time. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who were so kind to me. Your compassion and support meant the world to me during such a stressful time." Thank you for sharing your story, Rosemary. Your experience reinforces the importance of regular screenings and the compassion that should accompany every patient's journey.

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