AMI Patient Ambassador Program - Overcome Your Fear and Prioritize Your Health

Is fear holding you back from getting your first mammogram or scheduling your routine mammogram for the year? Do you think it will be painful? Do you think the office will be cold? Are you scared of what the test might find? Is an annual mammogram a priority in your busy life? These are a few reasons why women delay getting their first mammogram or routine mammogram. At AMI, our expert mammography technologists and breast imaging specialists will put your fears to rest during your visit.

Here's what Tina had to say after having her annual mammogram with AMI: "Tina stated, 'It wasn't painful, it wasn't bad; I have been going to AMI for some time now. The staff is always pleasant. I can say I have been to many doctor's offices which are so cold and the AMI I have been going to isn't cold, neither are the machines. I'm able to get in and out of many appointments pretty quickly without a long wait.'" While October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is important no matter what month it is, that women 40 and older should schedule their annual mammogram.

Breast cancer kills 40,000 women each year in the United States, and statistics show that more than 15,000 women under the age of 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Early detection is the key to fighting it successfully. Screening mammography is the key to identifying breast cancer at the earliest, most treatable stages.

Time is of the essence; don't wait too long to schedule your first mammogram or your annual mammogram. Mammograms save lives!

Mammography services are available in 14 locations, with evening and weekend hours available too!