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Coronary CTA Preparations

New Jersey Heart Disease Screening

If you are scheduled for a Coronary CTA, rest assured you are about to receive one of the most effective tools currently available in medical technology to detect heart disease and assess risk of heart attack and stroke.

Coronary CTAs involve the use of a CT scan. If you have received a CT scan before, you can expect a similar experience here. One thing that may be different is the injection of a contrast into your veins so that blood flow will show up more clearly in the images produced.

Before the study
  • Do not consume any form of caffeine 12 hours prior to the study
  • Do not eat any solid foods 4 hours prior to the study
  • Drink two 8 ounce glasses of water 1 hour before study
  • Take 100 mg. of Metoprolol (Lopressor) orally 1 hour prior to study
During the study
  • You will have contrast (x-ray dye) for this study. A needle will be placed in your left arm, around the elbow area
  • You will have a 4-lead EKG attached to monitor your heart rate
  • You will have oxygen, via nasal canula (oxygen tube under your nose), to help your "breath-hold" during the study
  • You will receive one squirt of nitroglycerine during your exam (under your tongue)
After the study
  • Be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluid after the study

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