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Atlantic Medical Imaging’s team of women’s imagers are dedicated to providing the most accurate and timely diagnostics, in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our women’s imagers understand the spectrum of women’s health issues, from routine mammograms to breast biopsies. When choosing a center for breast imaging, you should consider the team of breast imaging specialists that will be performing and interpreting your exam as well as the equipment being used. The best equipment and the best interpretation can lead to the best outcomes. Each year, our team of women's imagers read over 50,000 mammograms and perform over 1,200 minimally invasive breast biopsies.

What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide excellent care for all our patients.
  • “Dorota made sure that I was comfortable with everything, the entire time”
  • “It is a pleasure to go there and the atmosphere eases the fear”
  • “They will answer any questions you have and will make you as comfortable as possible.”
  • “Their Office in Wall is always neat and clean.”
  • “This AMI was following all the required guidelines and I felt very comfortable witnessing this.”
  • “I was comforted by their COVID protocol”
  • “They go above and beyond to make it a safe place for everyone”
  • “I highly recommend them!”
  • “Made me feel comfortable knowing it was my first mammogram.”
  • “Pat Atalese in Nuclear Medicine was so helpful, caring and kind.”
  • “From scheduling to office staff to my test giver, a comfortable experience”
  • “The Galloway AMI office is by far the best facility I’ve visited.”
  • “Everyone was very pleasant and helpful”
  • “Thank you AMI for protecting your patients”
  • “AMI provides excellent and the highest measure of professional medical service and care”